Top Quality & Designs

Because we put Quality Craftsmanship in our World Class Designs including all our “Cafe Racer Parts” it is in everything we do!

Specializing in: all Cafe Racer Seats, Cafe Racer Kits, Cafe Racer Tanks, Motorcycle Gauges, Speedometers with GPS. Our own reproduction styles of Fenders, Fairings and Motorcycle Reproductions. Aluminum Alloy Gas tanks, Motorcycle Gas tanks, Alloy motorcycle seats, Vintage Motorcycle Parts, and motorcycle parts are in our huge inventory.

The bikes showing installations of many or our parts are on the Bikes Page, Featuring our original design parts and historic reproductions. Visit our Shop and parts pages for details. Cafe Racer Parts

We also have the design and prototyping abilities for everything from 3Dprinting, custom CNC cut brackets to aluminum casting. Our other division 3Dprint2form.com and be a great resource. Go ahead dream it up! We’ll make it happen if at all possible! See the AR3 Recumbent Trike at http://kazebikes.com/