Cafe Bikes with Our Parts. World Class Designs and Quality Craftsmanship are in everything we do and everything we make! Because we are Specializing in: Cafe Racer Parts, Cafe Racer Seats, Cafe Racer Kits, Cafe Racer Tanks, Motorcycle Gauges, Speedometers with GPS, Fenders, Fairings, Norton Manx Kits our inventory is huge. Plus we have a huge variety of Vintage Motorcycle Parts, Motorcycle Reproductions, Aluminum Alloy Gas tanks, Motorcycle Gas tanks, Alloy motorcycle seats, and motorcycle parts. Because of our extensive manufacturing capabilities we work in many different materials. If you need it we probably have it or can make it, either answer is available by contacting us! 239-404-3600.

These bikes have been built utilizing many of our parts, so you can see we have a lot available. Please send questions or inquiries for more details. Cafe Bikes with Our Parts.

Manx Racing Kit KLR 650 Donor
Nousagi By Kyle Ashenbrener Age 15
Norton Commando
Nousagi With Aluminum Alloy Tank & Seat
Honda Wilson
Suzuki 1975 GT500
Honda CB750 DCC