Fender FRP and brackets


Fender Cafe Racer Manx FRP Fiberglass with Alloy Stays

Fender Manx FRP with aluminum brackets


Fender Manx FRP with aluminum brackets

Fender FRP and brackets

We were so taken by the original Manx Racer fender that it inspired us  use the original design for our redux. The Micky Mouse (shaped) brackets were streamlined and set down in and flush mount with the fender surface to stylize the original design. Then we use S.S. Broadhead bolts with the flat head under the fender and Ny-Lock nuts up on the bracket just like the original. This way you can mount it down close to the tire for that cool “groomed” look. You can also install it with the bolt heads up if you don’t want to EXPOSE YOUR NUTS….
Produced in a compression mold so the underside is smooth and not “SCABBY” like all other fiberglass fenders on the market. The Fender FRP and brackets, is by far the best reproduction available of the Manx fender.
5 1/4″ wide and 24″long. Fits 17/18/19 Wheels.

Composite Fender W/Brackets/S.S.Hdw….$259 (available Black gelcoat finish)

Specializing in: Cafe Racer Parts, Cafe Racer Seats, Cafe Racer Kits, Cafe Racer Tanks, Motorcycle Gauges, Fenders, Fairings, Norton Manx Kits, Norton Wideline racing frame.  Vintage Motorcycle Parts Reproductions, Aluminum Alloy Gas tanks, Alloy Seats and motorcycle parts. Brackets for mounting seats, tanks and gauges are a specialty. Quality and reliability are our focus.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 13 × 9 in


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