Alloy Norton Fastback Tank Gas


Norton Fastback Alloy Gas Tank Mill Finish With or without Badge cups


Norton FASTBACK (68/70) ALLOY TANK, Alloy Norton Fastback Tank

Original design for the first year Commando Fastback. Designed to bolt onto the original mounts and bungee on as the lugs are in the original locations.
The Tunnel section is designed for with the Single Backbone Tube frames used on almost all bikes until the late 70s and early 80’s but they have the specific frame cutouts as the originals. The bottoms use special hardened alloy to shrug off vibrations associated with unbalanced motors used during that period. Please let the sales desk know which bike you are using this on to insure a great fit on your ride. No more worries about additives in your fuel which exacerbate associated fiberglass tank failure.
Aprox 3.25 Gallon with authentic CEANDESS FILLER NECK for Presto Cap.
Comes Factory mill finished or buffed to a brilliant shine!
These tanks guaranteed to WOW the most hardened Critics!
Special run is limited to just a few tanks. after they are exhausted we will have to take a “group order”
Mill finish ALLOY FASTBACK WITH BADGE INDENTS AS SEEN…………………………..2889.00
“……WITHOUT Badge indents and with welded in nuts below………$2789.00
Allow 8-10 weeks Delivery 

We offer these tanks two ways: Mill finish, smooth planished sanded finish OR Highly show polished, which is a very labor intensive sanding 5 step process before taking it to the buffing department for a two step comprehensive show quality finish. We suggest NOT having a “third party” finish the tank, as it is VERY easy to sand thru aluminum. Also for painting, we offer a professional 5 coat polyester Prime Coat ready for your painter, or we can handle that for you as well.

There may be an additional price adjustment as the checkout does not correctly calculate insurance and international shipping prices or foreign currency exchange fluctuation.

Fabricated from over 1/16″ work hardened aluminum Alloy, These tanks are HANDFORMED in the UNITED STATES by old world craftsmen (David Ashenbrener) with pride which keeps the surface unwavering, thickness uniform and unstressed as possible.
The tooling forms I use assures that they are symmetrical and authentically shaped to their antique counterparts.  All seams are beautifully TIG welded by highly trained Aerospace Professionals, right here in MY SHOP in central Florida.
These are superior to anything that’s coming out of the 3rd world countries  You will be very impressed with our quality and attention to detail.  I hand dolly planish each and every one until it passes my scrutiny.

We have fabricated tanks for the most discerning customers from Private Collectors, the Vincent Owners Club, Barber Motorcycle Museum, and others all over the world.
Your Bike is your Persona…and it adds value to your machine… Do you really want to put a wavy, scratched tank with scabby and leaky welds on your expensive top level show machine?



Estimated shipping time 6-10 Weeks

Aluminum prices are very unstable at this time and a surcharge may apply.


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