Bracket seat mount motorcycle & cafe racers


Café racer seat mounting brackets, side to fork universal fit 6061 CNC precision cut aluminum



Bracket seat mount motorcycle.

Seat Mounting  Side Brackets mount under your seat and down to your shock absorber top bolts.

Mounting your new fiberglass is made very simple and straightforward. With these minimalist designed brackets that are made of  6061 aluminum that is CNC precision cut. Aluminum brackets reduce weight and are easily adjustable and can be modified easily.
Take your pick below. You will only need to order one (pair) for each seat.
You can enlarge the holes to accommodate different shock mount stud sizes and bend them to the contour of your seat hump or tunnel. Conceal the body of the bracket under and inside your seat pan. Bracket seat mount for motorcycle and cafe racer.
This is
aircraft quality aluminum alloy…strong stuff!

Specializing in: Cafe Racer Parts, Cafe Racer Seats, Cafe Racer Kits, Cafe Racer Tanks, Motorcycle Gauges, Fenders, Fairings, Norton Manx Kits, Norton wideline racing frame.  Vintage Motorcycle Parts Reproductions, Aluminum Alloy Gas tanks, Alloy Seats and motorcycle parts. Brackets for mounting seats, tanks and gauges are a specialty. Quality and reliability are our focus.

Call for custom style brackets, we have in-house CNC capabilities.


Universal style BRACKET (pair) ……………….$49
Phat/Frenched Tail BRACKET  (pair)………..$49

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 1 in


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